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Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping Toilet

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Key Features

Self-Sufficient and Efficient
This camping toilet boasts a unique clean and drainage system, letting you use it without needing a water hookup. The 10 L fresh water tank provides multiple flushes, while the 20 L waste tank easily meets your family's needs. The separated tanks and toilet seat cover effectively prevent odors, making it an ideal choice for outdoor hygiene.

Ultra Portable & Convenient
Perfect for camping trips or family travels, this portable toilet is a must-have. Its compact design makes it easy to store in your vehicle and carry wherever you go, ensuring you always have a solution for nature calls.

Spacious Tanks for Less Hassle
With a 10 L fresh water tank and a 20 L waste tank, this toilet offers larger capacity than most, reducing the need for frequent refills and waste disposal. The separated tanks also ensure a cleaner, more hygienic experience by preventing odor leakage.

Effortless to Use and Clean
Simply pull up and press the flush pump to quickly flush away waste. The toilet features a water level indicator that turns red when the waste tank is almost full and needs emptying. Just rotate the waste spout to easily dump the waste.

Stable & Durable Design
Lightweight yet robust, this camping toilet supports up to 200 kg, accommodating kids, adults, and the elderly. It offers comfort and reliability anytime, anywhere.

Water-Saving & Eco-Friendly
Each flush uses only 50 ml of fresh water, conserving valuable resources. You can also connect it to a portable hand-wash station, recycling used water—an essential feature in water-scarce areas.


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: HDPE
  • Dimensions: 34 x 41 x 42 cm (L x W x H)
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 10 L
  • Waste Tank Capacity: 20 L
  • Weight Capacity: 200 kg
  • Net Weight: 5 kg

Experience the convenience and comfort of home with this reliable and portable camping toilet on your next outdoor adventure!

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